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Brandon Styles delivers a perfect mix of impressions, comedy, dance, grand illusions, audience participation, ventriloquism and award winning magic. His tours have taken him all throughout the country. Whether you are 8 or 80, The Brandon Styles Show has something for you!

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Brandon Styles Showroom at Live Bait, 24281 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL, 36561

Phone: 616.477.3152


  • Sabrina Wright from Indiana
    Amazing Show!!! My 9 year old waited ALL day long to watch the show tonight! Amazing energy, and so funny. All around good guy. And took time to let us get pictures with him after the show. Will definitely be going back to see him when we are on vacation again!!!
    Sabrina Wright from Indiana
  • Joni Adams from Louisiana
    My friends and I really enjoyed your show last night in Orange Beach, AL. It was such a pleasant surprise to hear a clean comedy show. You have mad skills!! We will definitely be back when we visit again!
    Joni Adams from Louisiana
  • Mrs. Franks from Alabama
    There is nothing like the Brandon Styles show anywhere near here!! This show is SO much fun for every member of the family! You will laugh, be entertained and be in awe of his magic tricks!! Seriously, you won't be disappointed! Come check this out with your entire family or group of friends! You'll be talking about it for weeks after!
    Mrs. Franks from Alabama
  • Awesome show at GCC it was the first time I have ever honestly enjoyed the entertainment the college has gotten for us.
  • Brandon's show was amazing! It was a top-notch performance from Brandon and Diamond. Brandon grabbed the audience from the get-go and kept them engaged the entire show time. He was entertaining with his singing impersonations as well as his magic and comical act. Students, faculty and staff all enjoyed the show and we will be sure to have him come back to GCC!
  • Just a quick note to tell you how GREAT Brandon Styles was at our college. It was amazing to see/hear him change into over 70 different personalities in his singing impersonations mixed in with humor and magic. The students were sitting in their seats texting their friends and soon our theater was packed. They loved his act and I loved that he was received so enthusiastically by our students. You can be sure that he will now be a regular booking at Sussex County Community College.
  • Thank you for performing so magnificently for our two college sites! It was so easy working with you in our two venues. You set up so efficiently and were ready to go in less than an hour each time. I was admittedly a bit nervous at first about hosting a live event, but now I'm so glad we did! You have so many wonderful talents, and you blended them perfectly to put on a hilarious show full of magic and impressions of famous personalities and celebrities. The best kind of magic you created was the way you easily captured the attention of a broad variety of students, staff, merchants and shoppers -everyone wanted to see what you'd do next! What you did for us is set the tone for an exciting year ahead for events to which our students will look forward. You helped us instantly create a sense of community and gave everyone something fun and memorable which they'll talk about in the year ahead. Already they are buzzing about how great the show was, and I’d like to have you return sometime to New River Community College. This was the VERY BEST live performance we've ever had!
  • No surprise - lots of emails and calls about another great show!! Thank you Brandon and Diamond for giving us this "standing-room-only" event on campus.
  • Love your impressions, especially of the Presidents. Thanks for coming to WCC. Excellent MJ. Your talent is absolutely unique, as the most versatile entertainer I've seen - no one to compare you to!
  • I have never had so many positive comments from students, staff and faculty! Everyone has said that they have never in the history of our picnics seen students remained for the entire two hour time frame. Brandon engaged everyone-students, staff and faculty. He sang music that appealed to all age groups. It was a great show that people are still talking about!
  • Brandon Styles appeared for the second time at JJC and wowed with crowd with his impressions, comedy, and magic. He's an all-around performer who engages the audience.
  • Brandon was fantastic and the unique combination of singing impressions, comedy, and magic kept our student audience engaged throughout the duration of the show. Both Brandon and his wife, Diamond, were a delight to work with, and we would welcome them back to campus anytime in the future.
  • Our members really enjoyed the show. Brandon does a terrific job in playing to a diverse audience ranging from young children to seniors. His strolling magic prior to the show was also enjoyed by all. After the show Brandon and his wife, Diamond, mingled with our members on the Grand Hotel porch (the largest porch of any hotel in the world) performing and explaining the art of magic and impressions. It was an outstanding show!
  • Brandon Styles was AWESOME, the students enjoyed him a lot and some were asking if I could get him back again. He really was exceptional and a real crowd pleaser!
  • The students loved the show. It was a performance we'll never forget! Brandon was incredible and he and Diamond were such sweeties. *Standing ovation!
  • Hilarious show! Brandon Styles was amazing! Napoleon Dynamite and Enrique Iglesias were some favorites. Kickbutt Obama impersonation too!
  • THIS SHOW IS EPIC! Brandon Styles was great, and everyone had an amazing time. TJCSGA state conference would not have been complete without his awesome show! We truly appreciate him coming out.
  • The show was fantastic! Brandon had us laughing the entire time. We were impressed with the number and quality of impressions that he is able to do, and the magic element added to the entertainment value. Brandon and Diamond were super to work with, and from my perspective as an event planner they made it easy and being all-inclusive was a bonus! We had a great crowd, and they'll be talking about the show for a long time.
  • Brandon Styles was great! This was the 3rd time we've seen him perform. Twice at the conferences. It was a great opportunity to bring a world class act to our college for our first live performance. We had a nice crowd but I think word of mouth will be all we need next time.
  • BHC LOVED the Brandon Styles show!! Thanks so much for coming to the Quad Cities!! Hope to have you back again next year!!
  • Everyone agreed that Brandon's show was one of the best we have had on campus. He was spot on with his impressions; he has an amazing voice and stage presence. Brandon got thumbs up from the students and they would love to see him come back.
  • The Brandon Styles show was absolutely hysterical! His impressions were spot-on and made everyone in the crowd laugh. The crowd favorite was the newly added Justin Bieber--it was almost has if Bieber was actually here! Brandon was such a pleasure to meet and spend time with throughout the day. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show and seemed to have a great time. Brandon is a great performer and I highly recommend his show!
  • Brandon and Diamond were a pleasure to have on campus and they couldn't have been nicer. We drew a great crowd and the students really enjoyed all that Brandon had to offer. Brandon's truly a great talent! Thanks!
  • We are absolutely in love with Brandon Styles! He is amazing. He came to our school for a show and from the minute he walked on stage till he pulled out of the parking lot we were laughing nonstop! (This is a group of teenage girls here writing this) Our throats hurt so much from screaming at his impression of Justin Bieber and Green Day performance. This man is amazing! Five stars is NOT enough to express how amazing he was. Love, Your biggest fans TCEC Girls
  • This show includes something for everyone. Mr. Styles is a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm; his tremendous vocal range is a miracle to behold. His humor is intelligent and timely. He shines with the wonder and spontaneity of audience participation. You just simply feel good watching his show; there's a smile or a laugh ever second!
  • Great character. Great energy. Great to work with! And most of all a Great Show! Students and staff alike were blown away. What a pleasure.
  • We wanted to say a HUGE thank you for volunteering your time. It was really fun having you do the magic show in the playroom. We'd love to have you back sometime and I'm really intrigued with the idea of seeing some of Brandon's musical talents as well.
  • Brandon gave us a great show!! The crowd really loved him and thought his impersonations and magic were outstanding. We already have people asking for us to bring him back. FANTASTIC!!
  • Show was absolutely amazing and hilarious! Brandon makes a very sexy Frank Sinatra. Hope to have him back soon.
  • This is the 2nd time we have had Brandon Styles in 1 year. We have NEVER had the same act 2 times in one year. The show is very well done. Brandon brings all his own equipment and set-up & clean-up are a breeze. He is easy to work with!
  • Brandon Styles gave a fantastic performance! His combination of impressions, magic, comedy, and audience participation dazzled the students and kept them engaged. He is truly ENTERTAINING!
  • I truly enjoyed the many acts of Brandon Styles. It honestly was better than expected. He drew one of my biggest crowds all semester and it was simply amazing. The crowd was engaged and never was bored. His teaser in the cafeteria helped to draw most of the audience and they loved the table magic. This was by far the best event all year!
  • Brandon’s show was amazing! The whole pace of the show was really great and there was never a dull moment. The impressions were spot on and he had the crowd cheering for every new voice he threw at them. Hands down he is an excellent performer!
  • This guy was fantastic! Everyone enjoyed his performance.
  • Brandon Styles was AMAZING! I found myself saying, "WOW" at each performer he imitated! Brandon's true talent, dedication and enjoyment of what he does is exemplified by the fact that he performed at another college the day he visited us. Beacon College can't wait to see Brandon (and Diamond!) again!
  • Standing ovation and encore! Excellent, definitely having the show back!
  • Thanks again for coming to Cleveland CC. The show was awesome! He was the talk of the campus this afternoon. Brandon's many impressions, along with the magic and comedy, really kept the audience entertained. They never knew what to expect next. Hopefully, we can schedule the show again sometime in the future.
  • We REALLY enjoyed Brandon's showcase! I think it was very entertaining, very accurate, and so amazing. Everyone that I talked to also loved what they saw.
  • I just saw Brandon perform and really enjoyed the show. He is very funny and a great singer. Thanks to him for his hard work and I hope to see the show again soon.
  • Brandon Styles was so funny today! It was awesome! Come back sometime soon! - HILARIOUS!!!
  • The Brandon Styles show was AWESOME! Our students really enjoyed him and would love to see him return. I especially liked that he and his wife were so down to earth and easy to talk to. He took time after the show to speak to students about his show and its history. Thank you so much. Can't wait to see you again!
  • Thanks for coming to Howard Community College today. The performance was spectacular. Do come back for another show!
  • Brandon put on a fantastic show! Everyone was so impressed with his impressions, and the students have asked to have him back on campus! We look forward to seeing Brandon and Diamond again in the future and I highly recommend their show to all Student Life Coordinators, you will not be disappointed! The show exceeded my expectations!
  • Brandon Styles' performance was banging. Come back soon!
  • Everyone at our campus loved Brandon Styles. I think he is an awesome performer and he takes pride in what he does. My favorite part of the show was when he did the magic trick with me on stage. Brandon really helped me come out of my shell. My favorite impression was of Michael Jackson. We look forward to having him back at our campus in the future.
  • We had Brandon Styles perform for our kick-off homecoming event. What a great entertainer for college students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community of Worthington, MN. Brandon's talent was very impressive! Thanks for coming!
  • The speaking impressions are much better then Frank Caliendo! My favorite was The God Father.
  • The teaser (close-up magic) helped get more students to the show. Especially the football players loved it!
  • Brandon's impression of President Obama was AWESOME! I closed my eyes and couldn't tell a difference!
  • I thought Brandon Styles was great for everybody, I had a few students and instructors that needed to get a laugh in which help them get more relaxed around campus. Thank You again.
  • I thought he was amazing!! Would really enjoy seeing him again!! :) I only caught the end, but was SOOOOO glad to see a full house!
  • Brandon was absolutely amazing at the fair. The show was unique and something we’ve never had before.  Brandon was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING at the Houghton County Fair. I almost CRIED when he did the Michael Jackson impersonation because he was such an inspiration to me. Keep doing what you do. You're great at it.
  • I am a student at Lincoln Land Community College and I saw Brandon's performance in the cafeteria. He is absolutely hilarious and has a real gift for impressions!! Brandon's performance is a must see!! I would like to have had one favorite impersonation, but I don't, because they were all great! I hope we get to see him perform again sometime soon!
  • All I can say is Brandon Styles is amazing!!!!!! Danny Gaines would be proud of him!
  • Brandon rocked the house at the LIVE UNITED 5K & Family Day. We got so many great comments. Everyone wanted to know where he came from, and if he would be back. Thanks for a fantastic show!
  • Brandon (and Diamond) were great to work with and the students (and staff) really enjoyed the show - we had a descent turn out and it really hit a good cross section of students.
  • Brandon was great!!! I would highly recommend him to any school. The students and staff LOVED him. He may be one of the best entertainers we have ever had on campus.
  • I really loved his George Bush, Barrack Obama, and Dr. Phil impressions when he was doing the trick with the 3 yellow balls and audience participation. It was hysterical and shocking at the same time. I would honestly love to see Brandon come back with his lovely assistant Diamond because no matter what your age is there is something for everyone to laugh at and enjoy. He has great jokes; great impressions; performs sweet magic, and many more things. You could never tell what is coming next when you watch his show live. It's just phenomenal.
  • Brandon was really good and did magic as well. A lot of fun.
  • I loved the stage show. It was GREAT!
  • The show was awesome. His mixture of comedy, magic and impersonations was great and it was family friendly. Everyone who attended the show was giving us GREAT Feedback after the show. We will definitely have him again!
  • The students, faculty and staff seemed to greatly enjoy the performance. Our auditorium was PACKED, with more trying to get in. He will knock the pants off 'em at APCA.
  • Great show tonight!!!! Thanks for letting me help in the audience participation. You guys rock!
  • Thanks again for a fantastic show at Lakeland! The street magic was especially awesome!
  • Best show we've ever had for our employee Christmas party and our high-rollers event!
  • Awesome job at HBU, I enjoyed the heck out of the show!
  • There is nothing like the Brandon Styles show anywhere near here!! This show is SO much fun for every member of the family! You will laugh, be entertained and be in awe of his magic tricks!! Seriously, you won't be disappointed! Come check this out with your entire family or group of friends! You'll be talking about it for weeks after! -Mrs. Franks from Alabama
  • My friends and I really enjoyed your show last night in Orange Beach, AL. It was such a pleasant surprise to hear a clean comedy show. You have mad skills!! We will definitely be back when we visit again! -Joni Adams from Louisiana  
  • Amazing Show!!! My 9 year old waited ALL day long to watch the show tonight! Amazing energy, and so funny. All around good guy. And took time to let us get pictures with him after the show. Will definitely be going back to see him when we are on vacation again!!!  -Sabrina Wright from Indiana
  • We loved having Brandon Styles perform at our Casino Night event! He was very funny and the students loved him! His impersonations were great and we'd love to bring him back!
  • On the behalf of The Student Government Association & East Georgia College, Thank you for the amazing show. Defiantly a must see again!
  • We really enjoyed your performance at ICC today. Thank you! I haven't enjoyed myself that in a long time. 2.) Highlight of everyone’s day. Please come back next year!
  • Thank you for coming to DCCC today! You were amazing! You definitely made my day! 2.) Agreed, worth being 30 minutes late for class. 3.) Great magician/impersonator/singer - made my day tons better.

singing impressionist

noun - sing·ing im·pres·sion·ist


A performer whose act consists of imitating the voice and mannerisms of others. The word usually refers to a professional comedian/entertainer who specializes in such performances and has developed a wide repertoire of impressions, including adding to them, often to keep pace with current events.