“how did HE start doing impressions?”

Brandon Styles is one of the world’s only singing impressionist to perform multiple people in a live show. He learned at the age of 10 that he was given the gift to imitate people using his voice and mannerisms. With years of practice, Brandon’s list of impressions grew well over 200 by the age of 24. Brandon uses his voice to impersonate male and female singers, presidents, cartoon characters and many other celebrities.

Dictionary: im·pres·sion·ist

noun - an entertainer who sounds and/or looks like A famous Person.

“how did HE start doing magic?”

At age 7, Brandon was given his first magic kit. By age 13, he was performing magic as a job. At age 18, Brandon won TOP 6 IN THE WORLD for CLOSE UP MAGIC at the world’s largest magic competition - International Brotherhood Of Magician’s.


-Brandon’s “magician name” growing up was Brandini

-at age 6, Brandon’s first impression was Of michael Jackson

-the most difficult impressions for brandon to prefect were of aaron neville, louis armstrong & obama

-brandon’s favorite snack is cheese and crackers

A Letter from Brandon

My team and I have worked hard to design multiple shows for you to be entertained by. We've selected varying music to evoke memories; the magic will bring you to your early years; and comedy, well you can laugh with me or at me. Whether you come to a show or bring us to your event, we promise to make it an unforgettable experience. 

Both on-off stage, My everyday intentions are to put God & family first, smile, make someone laugh, love people, inspire youth, choose joy and be different. If I've done this, I've done my job. If not, I've done my best.


Brandon Styles