Welcome to the Brandon Styles School of Magic, where you will learn to master the skills of a true magician.

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bill change 1 CC.jpg

Pen through a dollar

Astound your audience with this quick and easy to master magic trick. The magic pen is forced through a bill and then removed, leaving no hole in the bill best of all, the magic pen and bill can be handed out for complete examination to shock even the most skeptic of observers. The design of the pen allows all ages to perform this trick time and time again. Contents: magic pen, no money included.

rising wand 1 CC.jpg

rising wand

Trick all your friends into thinking you have mind control with our rising and jumping magic wand! This black and white wand is rigged to make it look like it's floating between your hands. Ages 2 and up.

silk change 1.jpg

Color Changing silks

Turn a blue and yellow silk into green and red, in the blink of an eye. Easy prop for magicians of all ages and skill levels.

coin 1.jpg

the coin

A wildly popular trick! The magician displays a half dollar coin and then takes a bite out of it. The spectators actually see teeth marks in the coin. A piece of the coin is missing, apparently in the magician’s mouth. The magician then restores the coin in a flash, by spitting the bit-out portion of the coin back on the chunk remaining in his hand. In the blink of an eye, the coin is whole again! No sleight of hand is required.

spog balls 1.jpg

Ball Trick

You will learn sleight of hand to make sponge balls vanish, appear, change places, and multiply in your hands and someone else's. You are buying four (4), 4cm, red, sponge balls.                                                                                                                                                                     

color book 1.jpg

Coloring Book

A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictures appear in the book, outlined in black. With audience participation, the magician takes the trick one step further. He colors the pictures - by magic. Now bright, vibrant colors have filled in the black and white pictures! For a fitting finale, all the pages change back to their original state - blank! If you can flip through a book, you can perform this astonishing trick!

light 1 CC.jpg

ball of light

These magic rubber thumbs make a light appear from your fingertips. Next, make it travel from hand to hand or throw a light to your friend across the room. Long Lasting Battery Life - 2 Red Lights Bright Enough To Use In Daylight. All ages. 


rope 1.jpg

The Rope

You start with the rope coiled around your hand or thrown over your shoulder. The rope is uncoiled and held horizontally between hands. One hand is released and the rope remains in the horizontal position. A second a spectator touches the rope, it falls loose.